I Imagine the Universe as a Grand Polyphonic Symphony... (M.K. Čiurlionis)

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The schoolmates at Leipzig Musical Academy characterized Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, the best student at that time at Academy, as a human being with a visual hearing pitch. One hundred years elapsed from those days, and researchers finally have agreed on the facts – the music created by this man of genius manifests itself as sceneries, while his paintings … express music and songs.

When on holiday at his parents’ home, M. K. Čiurlionis described in his letters what he was feeling, what could see, could hear when wandering across the environs of Druskininkai… Today we know that his paintings and musical works tell us many good things about this charming place – Druskininkai. He perceived all this what Druskininkai displayed as harmony of nature and our forefathers’ songs and legends. The entire Universe inspired him under the sky of his Homeland. Therefore, it is not surprising that after starting his studies as a painter at the Warsaw Arts School, he was complaining that there he cannot have anything he desired to learn. Although in reality, he did not want anything except painting, immersing himself into Art and conveying in his own paintings at least one tiny particle of beauty, which can be seen not only with the help of eyes but also felt as human beings only could feel. The sunset on Druskonis Lake, the Raigardas Valley and blossoming surroundings meant more to Čiurlionis, a man of genius, than simply a view of a scene, because everything symbolized a state of his soul.

Once in Druskininkai, it’s worth getting to know more about this prominent artist. The longer you stick to something, the more memorable it becomes. And there is more to Čiurlionis creation: the Nobel Prize winner Romain Rolland, a great fan of Čiurlionis artistic works, once described him as a Christopher Columbus inviting to a new spiritual continent…

Introduce to yourself all good things here, in Druskininkai: visit M. K. Čiurlionis Museum, admire reproductions of this Artist’s most recognizable and revered works arranged across the town, attend a concert "Summers with Čiurlionis", and, looking at the most beautiful places of Druskininkai environs, listening to chatter of birds, imagine Čiurlionis here… looking, listening and feeling like you at the moment.


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Villa "Linksma"

A white colour romantic mansion visible on the shores of Druskonis Lake has been shown on the postcards from Druskininkai for more than a century. It was in 1905-1907, when this palace was built...

Monument to M. K. Čiurlionis

A magnificent, more than five metres high, this Monument to M. K. Čiurlionis was erected in the very centre of the SPA town, near Nemunas Promenade. The distance to the Monument allowing...


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