Burning Love Stories

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According to heart touching legends, Druskininkai changed over time due to… memorable love. In the following you can find heart-warming love stories that will help you not to forget the origin of our beloved Druskininkai…

Today, salty waters are springing up in the places, where in ancient times, a duchess was crying. She thought that her handsome husband drowned in the Nemunas River… Once, Druskonis Lake emerged in the place, where Druskis Jonas, a father to two daughters, lived. The daughters were extremely alike, and, accidentally, a young man from overseas fell in love with both sisters. His name was Vijūnėlis. The father got angry with the lovers, as he could see that younger one was loved more. He forbade lovers to meet each other...

Once upon a time, a son of a farmer did not want to do farming, so, he became a wheel maker instead. Then, he fell in love with a beautiful local girl and got married. Soon, he became a good wheel maker, a rich man, loved and loving. Maybe due to this love he was so lucky. Later he named his workshop beside the Church and a homestead owned by his wife’s parents Ratnyčia (wheelmaking workshop, a wheel means ratas).

Many know that Love Island by its shape reminds of a boat. Love and a boat? But why? Some time ago, two young people, a young man and a girl, were sailing in a boat… Deeply in love they were… Accidentally and unfortunately, when hugging each other, they overturned the boat and drowned. The grave of two lovers disappeared for ever under the sand and currents of the Nemunas River…

And, there is a real story, unforgettable one as well... In 1923, Józef Pilsudski, the First Marshal of Poland, when on holiday in Druskininkai, became sick. A very young doctor of Polish origin, Eugenia Levicka, treated him and became Marshal’s sweetheart. Just one year elapsed, and this young medical doctor obtained powers to establish the first park of wellness in Druskininkai. She did this, as she knew for sure benefits of sports to people’s health (the park covered the area of the present-day Karolis Dineika Wellness Park).

Thus, when taking a stroll across Druskininkai, take your loved one by hand, and if he or she is not here, write a message about your feelings, about your wish to hug him or her. Let it be the location namely, where the Ratnyčia River meets and hugs the Nemunas River… And let your love burn for ever!


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Karolis Dineika Wellness Park

Today’s Karolis Dineika Park is the third park established in the same territory. The Park’s story started in 1923. At that time Druskininkai, like the entire Vilniaus region, was...

"Ratnyčėlė" Sculpture

Near the shapely pedestrian bridge over the Ratnyčia River, your attention will be attracted by a sculpture of a girl, sitting on the high pedestal. Ratnyčėlė her name. In 1959, the sculpture was...

Musical Fountain

In the very centre of Druskininkai, in the Gydyklų Park, there is a Fountain known around Lithuania. In a warm season, the spatter of this Fountain dances in accordance with the melody of...

Love Island

In ancient times, in a place north west of Druskininkai, spring water ice pieces and powerful flows of water collected into one place lots of clean sand. The Nemunas River hosted this- place and...

Beauty Spring

On the banks of the Nemunas River, near the treatment centres and Water Amusement Park, you will discover a trickling Beauty Spring, adorned with a sculpture, depicting two nymphs holding each...


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