Druskonis Lake, Vijūnėlės Park and Mergelių Akys

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If after walking and cycling in Vijūnėlės Park you feel fit enough to continue, move around Druskonis Lake on special trails, then go across the forest about one kilometre south and there you will discover two small lakes, named Mergelių Akys, which literally means Eyes of Maidens. These tiny lakes lie in the lowland stretching here.

Vijūnėlės Park will offer you everything you may need for fun and your convenient rest time in nature. Thus, take delight in hiking on about 4.5 km long trails for pedestrians and cyclists, head to the bathing pond, featuring a sandy beach, as well as changing cabinets, a cafe and playgrounds. By the way, the water flows into the pond via Vijūnėlės stream from tiny Mergelių Akys lakes. Every year, after spring reaches its summit, the lawns of Vijūnėlės Park invite admirers to look at hundreds of thousands of blooming daffodils and the Sakura Alley.

In the neighbourhood, you can see Druskonis Lake with its picturesque shores and entertainment offerings characteristic of the resort: water bicycles and boat rental services. The Lake is hugged by a cycling trail. People remember that in the middle of the 20th century, Druskonis Lake, due to the wetlands appearing on the shores as well as the pollution, was known for extremely strong unpleasant odour. Hence, the authorities in the town adopted a decision to clean the Lake. At that time, water depth reached 1.5 metre only, consequently, the Lake was dredged up to 4 metres. During execution of works, secret maps of Germans from World War II were detected in the sludge. Those maps show intelligence objects once arranged in Grodno county (present-day Belarus).

About one and a half kilometre south-west of the resort centre, there is a spot you may reach on foot or riding a bicycle and explore: a small, slightly swamped Lake, having quite an unusual name - Mergelių Akys, which literally means the Eyes of Maidens. Looking from above, you can see two tiny lakes joined by a strait.

On the shore, you will notice a Memorial erected to commemorate the partisans of Merkys (later Kazimieraitis) Unit of Dainava District, who were killed in the environs of Druskininkai in 1944 – 1953. The bodies of killed freedom fighters were thrown by the occupants into this Lake.

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