In Druskininkai with a Warm Breeze across the Face

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9 km
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Many have affection for Druskininkai for quite different reasons – it is an ideal place for those who fancy riding the bicycle. You choose the route on your own. It depends on your fitness and your wishes. Residents of Druskininkai are proud to offer even four official cycling trails – Saulės, Žilvino, Nemuno and "Žvaigždžių orbitos". It’s so convenient to go sightseeing or escape the city through cycling and find a place for yourself in nature – on Druskonis Lake shore, in the Vijūnėlės Park or further in the depths of woods as far as Mergelių akys (Eyes of Maidens) tiny lake.

If you wish to relax much more, choose riding along the Nemunas River. Thus, going from the Water Amusement Park towards the town, you will have lots of opportunities to stop and look at the Nemunas River peacefully flowing, then go down to the quick influx of the Ratnyčia River and visit the oak of the First Marshal of Poland Józef Pilsudski. It is comforting to know that this famous man used to sit under this tree and enjoy the scenic view of these places. Indeed, why not? Let’s occupy this seat!...

Any excursion to the "Girios aidas" (The Echo of Woods) Forestry Museum farther away from the centre, or any opportunity to organize a picnic on the shores of Latežeris Lake found at the end of the Sun Path shall be quite an idea for those who do not want to become overworked and tired, still intend to exercise more actively.

Upon visiting Druskininkai Gydyklų Park, being on Druskonis shore and everywhere in the most beautiful or most interesting locations in the SPA town you will find spaces to put your bicycle conveniently. Therefore, we urge you that after entering Druskininkai, you leave your vehicle in the parking lot and enjoy the ecological transportation mean – your own bicycle. Shortly, while cycling, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery around and dart with the wind – the free combination of fragrance of pine trees, flowers and river, all refreshing.


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V.Košuba Monument to Lithuania

Positioned in the heart of the SPA town, in Vilniaus Alley, in front of the building of the Municipality Administration, a stylized sculpture of a military commander in his armours stands. This...

Vijūnėlės Park

In Vijūnėlės Park, situated on the southern outskirts of Druskininkai, you may discover everything. Approximately a half of the area is occupied by a pond with a sandy beach, featuring shower...

Vilniaus Alley

It’s the main pedestrian street in Druskininkai which leads visitors via the shortest route to pass the most important adornments of the SPA town: from Druskonis Lake shores and the Town...

Park of Treatment Centres (Gydyklų)

It seems that the majority of paths intended for walking or riding in Druskininkai naturally lead to the Gydyklų Park. The space between the banks of the Nemunas River, the forest, Town...

J. Pilsudski’s Oak

Józef Pilsudski, the First Marshal of Poland, is not highly regarded by Lithuanians, although is respected by Europeans as once, due to his actions, Eastern Europe was not taken over by...

Jacques Lipchitz Sculpture Park

The sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, a prominent artist of Jewish origin, was born in Druskininkai in 1891. He was very close friends with Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso and was awarded a medal of...

Musical Square

Located by Čiurlionis Art School, in a small square, there are seven stone and metal sculptural works erected having unusual shape. They were created in 2007 – 2008 and symbolise seven notes...

"Hospitality Gate" Sculpture

In the very centre of Druskininkai, in a tiny square near the crossroad between Taikos and St. Jokūbo Streets, you may show how a huge bronze horseshoe appeals to you by taking a photograph of...

Sun Path

You may walk or cycle on the Sun Path undulating on the banks of the Ratnyčia River and take a route of your choice – from 4 to 24 km. The beginning of the route – by cascade...

Park of Wooden Sculptures

Druskonis Lake may be walked around on a ring-type path conveniently. Located on the shores of this Lake there are five wooden sculptures erected. You’ll find them easily, as the Town Museum...


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