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Love Island

In ancient times, in a place north west of Druskininkai, spring water ice pieces and powerful flows of water collected into one place lots of clean sand. The Nemunas River hosted this- place and it remained here for ever as an Island, half a hectare in size. Stories have been told so far...

Beauty Spring

On the banks of the Nemunas River, near the treatment centres and Water Amusement Park, you will discover a trickling Beauty Spring, adorned with a sculpture, depicting two nymphs holding each other by hands and forming an arch. Visitors are busy here: some with photos of themselves and friends,...

"Ratnyčėlė" Sculpture

Near the shapely pedestrian bridge over the Ratnyčia River, your attention will be attracted by a sculpture of a girl, sitting on the high pedestal. Ratnyčėlė her name. In 1959, the sculpture was created by the sculptor Bronius Vyšniauskas, a winner of the State Prize, a professor, the...

Karolis Dineika Wellness Park

Today’s Karolis Dineika Park is the third park established in the same territory. The Park’s story started in 1923. At that time Druskininkai, like the entire Vilniaus region, was captured by the Polish Army under command of the First Marshal of Poland Józef Pilsudski. So...

Druskonis Lake, Vijūnėlės Park and Mergelių Akys

If after walking and cycling in Vijūnėlės Park you feel fit enough to continue, move around Druskonis Lake on special trails, then go across the forest about one kilometre south and there you will discover two small lakes, named Mergelių Akys, which literally means Eyes of Maidens. These tiny...

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